about luminoctis.net

Luminoctis.net was founded in 2002 and used to be known as »the eternal dream« or later »Nivarts«. The name, url and look changed several times, but the basic content never did. Only new additions are made more or less regularly, the rest stays as is – a piece of good old internet.

about me

Hi! My name is Birgit W. and I'm a freelance artist/illustrator from Southern Germany. I used to draw as soon as I was able to hold a pencil in my hands, but stopped for several years due to family issues. It was in 1998 when I rediscovered creative hobbies such as drawing and painting, thanks to a videogame my parents got me for christmas: The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. I loved this virtual world with all my heart and soon developed a huge desire to carry my love for this game out of the game and into the world. This was when I started drawing again and never stopped ever since.

It was also thanks to the mutual love for this game that I met many wonderful friends. Today one of them is my dear husband who never fails to encourage me in whatever creative idea I come up with. (Thank you for being awesome!)

What I draw/paint depends on what inspires me, which changes from time to time... or whatever people ask me to draw for them. My pictures mainly are inspired by aspects of games or other media, nature, phantasy and even mood. I inherit what's around me and try to make some sort of art with it. And of course I sometimes just doodle because I feel like it. About my tools: pencil, ballpoint pen, pen, sometimes watercolors and acrylics, perhaps Copic Markers also some day, Photoshop, Illustrator... and whatever sheet of paper I encounter. I draw on (almost) anything and (almost) anywhere!

When I don't draw I enjoy hiking in the mountains and fields or simply going for a walk, photography, good music, singing, cooking and baking, some games and most of all I enjoy the company of a close friend. Or a cat. I'm totally a cat person.


If you need to contact me please send me an e-mail:
mail at luminoctis dot net

about the important things in life

Dear friends and awesome online-people, thank you for having made my day so many times already! Just look at all these wonderful pictures you guys sent me — you rock!
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